Appointments and information:
Appointments and information:

Outpatient Rehabilitation Centre

The Outpatient Rehabilitation Center includes three departments: outpatient rehabilitation department, post-amputation rehabilitation department, and sports medicine department. The goal of the Center is to provide the best possibilities to support the recovery of rehabilitation patients and provide them with the best quality of life.

In the Outpatient Rehabilitation Center, we provide patients with all necessary, modern, and high-quality rehabilitation services. Our rehabilitation services are suitable for patients when recovering from different health issues, traumas, and injuries, adapting to disability, maintaining good health, and ensuring active quality of life.

The Center implements modern high-quality medical equipment. As a new approach in modern rehabilitation, the Center includes a virtual reality room, where patients with cognitive decline can practice making purchases in a shop.

The intensity of outpatient rehabilitation depends on the patient’s condition and needs. At the outpatient appointment, the rehabilitation doctor compiles a relevant rehabilitation plan according to the patient’s health condition and assigns the required rehabilitation services. In the Center, we provide services, funded by the Estonian Health Insurance Fund or in the form of paid services, according to the price list of ETCH’s paid services.

In the Center, we have a professional rehabilitation team at work.

Our Outpatient Rehabilitation Center offers wellbeing and a safe recovery. Various procedures help you to remain healthy and also recover your health.

At the Outpatient Rehabilitation Center you’ll find a selection of rehabilitative and relaxing procedures, including different massages, heat and water procedures and also light, electrical and salt therapy.

Our friendly team includes specialists with thorough preparation and long-term treatment experience:

  • rehabilitation doctors,
  • physiotherapists,
  • occupational therapists,
  • nurses,
  • massage therapists,
  • rehabilitation assistants,
  • speech therapists,
  • psychologists.

The whole team is characterized by attentiveness and a sincere focus on the patients.

In addition to Ravi 18, the outpatient rehabilitation center is also located at Pärnu mnt 104 and Energia 8.


Post-amputation rehabilitation department, phone 606 7878
Department of Sports Medicine, tel 606 7878

Outpatient Rehabilitation Centre
Pärnu mnt 104, Tallinn


Katrin Olo-Laansoo
Katrin Olo-Laansoo
Head of Center
katrin.olo-laansoo [at]
Anne Mikiašvili
Anne Mikiašvili
Head of nursing
anne.mikiashvili [at]