Massage helps to improve tissue circulation and promotes metabolism.

Massage also normalises the nervous system and muscle function, which in turn helps rid the patient of muscle tension. Massage is also used for stress relief and to boost and maintain the capacity for work for a longer term. Massage, or healing with hands, is an ancient healing technique originating from India. We offer various therapeutic massages.

  • A classic medical therapeutic massage, which focuses on one problem area. An experienced specialist performs a massage according to the patient’s request or doctor’s prescription. Massage is performed on different areas of the body: shoulders, back, legs or arms. The procedure lasts 15 or 30 minutes with a few minutes of relaxation in a supine position afterwards to reinforce the effect of the massage. In the case of health problems, we recommend consulting your family doctor or rehabilitation doctor before scheduling a massage. The service is for a fee. In the case of medical indications, the Estonian Health Insurance Fund pays for the service.
  • Trigger point massage is a five-thousand-year-old Oriental massage method, which consists in the fact that the masseur uses his fingers to apply pressure to the bioactive points of the patient’s foot soles. The bottom of the foot is considered a particularly important area from the point of view of reflexology because the reflex zones of all organs are located on the sole of the foot. Foot massage is based on classical medicine, anatomy, physiology and pathology. Duration: 40 minutes.

Massage therapies are for a fee.