Appointments and information:
Appointments and information:

Centre of Endocrinology

The Centre of Endocrinology offers top-quality specialised medicine for everyone in need. Our centre employs both endocrinologists with a long tenure and extensive experience and young doctors. The speciality of endocrinology requires cooperation with many other specialists of internal medicine (cardiology, gastroenterology, neurology, rheumatology and oncology). There is also close cooperation with physicians of other clinics: radiologists and nuclear medicine doctors, ophthalmologists, surgeons, obstetricians and gynaecologists. Endokrinoloogiakeskuse meeskond

The nurses also hold independent appointments for consulting patients. We also employ a foot care nurse who treats the feet of diabetic patients.

The daily tasks of the doctors of the Centre of Endocrinology also include instructing students, residents and junior doctors. All doctors and nurses share their knowledge while attending both in-hospital and external training courses.

Patients can book an endocrinologist’s appointment with a digital referral by a family doctor. More and more patients approach us through e-consultations. Patients can also use a digital referral by a family doctor for independent appointments with nurses. Our doctors can also refer patients to consultations with nurses.

The doctors of the Centre of Endocrinology await patients whose necessary treatment is too specialised for a family doctor and requires the knowledge and skills of a specialist, for example:

  1. Type 1 diabetes in patients aged 19 and up
  2. Type 2 diabetes if the treatment plans are complicated and the disease is advanced
  3. Treatment of diabetes during pregnancy (link à Women’s Clinic)
  4. Diagnosis and treatment of hyperthyroidism (link à Nuclear Medicine)
  5. Diagnosis and treatment of thyroid nodules (link à Nuclear Medicine)
  6. Diagnosis of thyroid malignancies, we refer to surgery (link à Nuclear Medicine, Endocrine Surgery)
  7. Diagnosis and treatment of thyroid disorders during pregnancy (link à Women’s Clinic)
  8. Obese patients who wish to have bariatric surgery or need a consultation on weight-loss methods (link à Bariatrics)
  9. Patients with benign neoplasms of the pituitary gland – patients with acromegaly or tumours producing growth hormone, prolactinomas – diagnosis and treatment (link à Radiology – MRI scans)
  10. Patients with hypopituitarism who need diagnostic tests and replacement therapy (link à Diagnostic Clinic: Radiology – MRI scans, Laboratory)
  11. Hormonally active tumours of the adrenal glands which cause elevated blood pressure – diagnosis, referral to surgery if necessary (link à Diagnostic Clinic: CT scans, Laboratory, Surgery)
  12. Patients with adrenal insufficiency, diagnosis and replacement therapy (link à Diagnostic Clinic, Laboratory)
  13. Patients with parathyroid disorders – these often manifest as an elevated calcium level in the blood and osteopenia (link à Diagnostic Clinic, Endocrine Surgery)
  14. Hormonal changes related to fertility (link à Centre for Infertility Treatment)
  15. Hormonally active tumours elsewhere in the organism, we refer to surgery (link à Diagnostic Clinic, Laboratory)
  16. Endocrinologists also perform thyroid ultrasound scans with a biopsy for cytology if necessary (link à Diagnostic Clinic, Cytology).
  17. Endocrinologists also perform dynamic diagnostic tests for more specific diagnostics.

Several collaborative groups of doctors and nurses who have specialised knowledge and skills have formed in the Centre of Endocrinology, thanks to whom we can offer top-quality service. Such working groups are composed of different specialists and thus allow us to consult patients regarding the following:

  1. Consultation before and after bariatric surgery
  2. Advanced problems of the diabetic foot
  3. Problems related to pregnancy in diabetics – both in the case of diabetes preceding pregnancy and diabetes which develops during pregnancy
  4. Thyroid eye diseases


Centre of Endocrinology
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Ülle Jakovlev
Ülle Jakovlev
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Helve Vallask
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