Clinic of Internal Medicine

The Clinic of Internal Medicine is one of the largest clinics in the hospital and our more than 400 employees provide reliable and professional care to patients in need of both emergency and scheduled treatment in nine specialist centres.

We put patients' needs first

  • We believe that it is important to start treatment in time in order to prevent incapacity to work and ensure that a person has a fulfilling life.

  • E-consultations between general practitioners and specialists speed up the patient's journey to the right specialist and support general practitioners in their work.

  • The day care clinic enables examinations and treatment procedures to be performed quickly and conveniently.

  • Compared with other hospitals, our outpatient clinic has the largest number of appointments. This ensures the best treatment and follow-up for the patient.

  • Thanks to our multidisciplinary teams, patients with complex pathologies can be treated simultaneously by several specialists. This way, patients with diabetes, cancer patients with heart problems etc. get the best help.

  • Some of our specialist centres are the only departments in Estonia that are specialised in their field.

  • A Health Audit is a good way for a person who values their time to check their health and, if necessary, start treatment.

Cooperation is the art of medicine

  • The best treatment results are achieved as a result of good cooperation between the physician, the nurse and the patient.

  • In order to better consult and monitor patients, we have created special offices, where specially trained nurses have appointments with patients. Many such offices are first of their kind in Estonia and have been an important basis for the training of the same kind of specialists for other hospitals in Estonia.

  • In cooperation with other clinics, new projects to improve treatment outcomes are implemented every year. For example, better outcomes have been achieved in orthopaedic and cancer patients when the correction of their health problems and treatment have started before surgery.

  • Our specialists cooperate internationally with several European universities, leading hospitals and professional societies.

  • Cooperation with medical technology and IT services always ensures the latest solutions in the field of renewal of treatment opportunities.

  • Conferences at the Clinic of Internal Medicine have laid the foundation for better cooperation with general practitioners and professionals of other hospitals.

  • We support our colleagues from other hospitals via the collaboration network.

We have long traditions and our eyes are set on the future

  • Relying on our traditions and experience, we are open to new things and always ready for change.

  • Continuous training and research ensures our competence and competitiveness.

  • We are a study base for healthcare colleges and the University of Tartu, we happily welcome residents and students and we are delighted for every new colleague.

  • We see even better development opportunities in the new Tallinn Hospital.


Alice Lill
Alice Lill
Head of Clinic
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Kaidi Traumann
Kaidi Treumann
Head of nursing
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Sinikka Jarinen
Sinikka Jarinen
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Clinic of Internal Medicine
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