Clinic of Medical Rehabilitation

The Clinic of Medical Rehabilitation is a clinic focused on developing modern rehabilitation services, which has lately received praise for its effective treatments and novel approach.The goal of rehabilitation is to restore the patient's quality of life, bring him back to normal life and reduce disability and complications.IRH-45

Our clinic employs highly skilled and knowledgeable specialists and contemporary treatment methods, tools and skills which help to return the patient to their everyday life.

We treat neurological, cardiological, rheumatological, posttraumatic, orthopaedic and other patients. In cooperation with our Women’s Clinic our patients or receivers of medical services also include pregnant women and infants.

The Clinic of Medical Rehabilitation is divided into two centres: the Inpatient Rehabilitation Centre and the Outpatient Rehabilitation Centre.

Our multiprofessional team includes a rehabilitation physician, nurse, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, speech therapist, psychologist, social worker, prosthetist, massage therapist and a caretaker.

Rehabilitation medicine = partnership between the art of medicine and the science of engineering

We cooperate with other clinics and departments of our hospital (Neurology, Orthopaedics, Surgery, Rheumatology, Cardiology) searching for the best way to bring people back to their everyday life. In cooperation with our Women’s Clinic our receivers of medical services also include pregnant women and infants. We also cooperate with the Women’s Clinic regarding patients with pelvic floor problems.

Our partners are family health centres, other health facilities and professional societies. Our cooperation with NATO and the Estonian Army which began 10 years ago has provided us with invaluable experience. Thanks to this we can both aid injured soldiers and increase the quality of life of all other injured people.

We cooperate closely with both the Tallinn and the Tartu Health Care College and we provide their students with a practice-base for their training. In addition to resident physicians and nursing students, we also train caretakers and massage therapists.

We cooperate with TalTech in scientific, development and creative work, which provides us with all contemporary opportunities for medical rehabilitation.

Thorough examinations, professional treatment

We provide services for maintaining your health and also professional treatment. We also offer complete medical rehabilitation for amputation patients. This encompasses long and thorough post-amputation medical rehabilitation and also the crafting of prostheses which are necessary for their future life and employing specialists to teach the patient how to get used to their prosthesis.

Our Outpatient Rehabilitation Centre provides help and advice to amateur, professional and junior athletes, also to all others who worry and care about their health or who suffer from health problems caused by work. We also welcome adults who have weight issues and trouble moving or who need a disability evaluation. Outpatient Rehabilitation Centre of ITK also helps patients who need care after injuries or surgeries.


Kaupo Ole
Kaupo Ole
Head of Clinic
Kaire Jaanikesing
Head of nursing
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Clinic of Medical Rehabilitation
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