Appointments and information:
Appointments and information:

Centre of Neurology

The Neurology Centre deals with cerebral blood vessel diseases (stroke), movement disorders (Parkinson’s disease, tremors, dystonias), diseases related to ageing of the brain (special types of dementia), inflammatory diseases of the nervous system (Multiple Sclerosis, other inflammatory diseases of the nervous system), epilepsy and headaches.Neuroloogiakeskus

The strength of the centre is having very competent physicians with up-to-date knowledge about the treatment of different neurological diseases.

The Neurology Centre is made up of three parts: inpatient and outpatient treatment and neurophysiological studies (ultrasonography, electroneuromyography).

The priority of the Neurology Centre is to provide fast and emergent care for stroke patients and to take care of patients with movement disorders and multiple sclerosis. Lately, the treatment of inflammatory nerve diseases has become of great importance. We have trained physicians and nurses in the treatment of these diseases.

In the Neurology Centre, we employ a geneticist, who provides ways, in cooperation with the neurologist, to find a solution for every seemingly complex disease.

The Neurology Centre also offers a paid service.

Movement disorders

Parkinson’s disease is a common disease causing movement disorders. Our centre is mainly specialised in this specific disease. Parkinson’s disease needs a team and for this, we have trained nurses in addition to trained physicians as well. We offer treatment options for advanced Parkinson’s disease patients, and we are one of two centres, that provides infusion treatment in Estonia. Infusion treatment is intended for patients with advanced Parkinson’s disease, who can no longer manage tablet treatment.

Diseases resembling Parkinson’s disease, their diagnosis and search for treatment options

  • Tremors and their treatment
  • Dystonias and their treatment

Multiple sclerosis

We provide for the diagnosis and treatment of multiple sclerosis. In addition to the routine treatment, we provide disease course modifying therapy, for which we have all of the options. In addition to trained physicians, we also employ nurses specialised in multiple sclerosis.


in our centre, we have up-to-date diagnostics and diverse treatments for headaches; we also practise the treatment of chronic migraine with botulinum toxin. The headache nurse provides useful advice.

Centre of Neurology
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Inga Kalju
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