Centre of Surgery

We perform about 8,000 general surgery, urology, orthopaedics and spinal surgeries and procedures at the Operating Centre of East Tallinn Central Hospital. In addition, our ear-nose-throat doctors operate in the operating rooms of the hospital's Magdaleena unit.


All of the operating rooms of the Surgery Clinic have recently been renovated. In the first phase of the renovation in 2015, all surgery and urology centres received high-level operating rooms, in 2018, the Centre of Orthopaedics and Spinal Surgery also received fully renovated operation rooms. All in order to make surgeries safer for the patients and more convenient for personnel.

The laminated ventilation system and the differences in pressure in the renovated operating rooms are an essential part of modern infection control. Completely new computing solutions allow us to use the data bases of the patient's tests and the recording of surgeries and the display developments improve the immediate consulting opportunities with other specialists outside the operating room and are important in learning and in the organisation of additional training.

Working in the operating rooms is always team work – anaesthesia and surgical nurses give their invaluable contribution to the success of the surgery. An important part of the daily work of the Operating Centre is regular training for new surgical methods, instruments and devices for skilled and safe use.


Lia Lind
Lia Lind
Head of nursing
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