Vascular neurology

Thrombolysis and thrombectomy (recanalisation therapy) are used to restore blood flow to the brain. During thrombolysis, blood clots formed in the blood vessels are broken down. Before the procedure, the indication and contraindications for thrombolysis are assessed. In most cases, thrombolysis is performed within 30 minutes of arrival at the hospital.

If a blood clot is detected in a cerebral vessel, a mechanical thrombectomy is performed, in which the thrombus is removed from the cerebral vessel using special catheters. In addition to treating acute strokes, we determine the risk of recurrence and, if necessary, perform treatment procedures on the major blood vessels of the neck either by placing a stent in the damaged vessel or referring the patient to a vascular surgeon for surgical treatment. 80% of our patients are referred to rehabilitation or home, and about 20% are sent to a nursing care unit.

A speech therapist and a physiotherapist also work with our patients.