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Satisfaction survey for inpatients to be conducted at our hospital in April


The purpose of the survey is to determine patient satisfaction with the healthcare services provided at the hospital. The questions also cover topics such as admission to the hospital, the physician, the nurses and the hospital in general.

Patsientide rahulolu-uuring toimub aprillikuus

All inpatients admitted in April are welcome to participate in the survey.

For the first time, the survey forms are available in three languages (Estonian, Russian and English) and patients can also complete the survey electronically.

All patients in the inpatient department will receive a paper form from the department staff before being discharged from the hospital. The survey takes a few minutes to complete. We ask you to place the completed form in the mailboxes labelled ‘Your feedback is important to us’ located in the departments. The survey is anonymous, i.e. the opinions of individual respondents are not elicited and the data will be used only in general terms. Participation is voluntary.

The survey can be completed electronically at or via QR code:

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If you are unable to fill in the form yourself due to a health condition (e.g. after eye surgery) but are willing to answer the questions, a nurse will help you fill in the form. We guarantee the confidentiality of the responses. If you have a caregiver or a family member with you in the hospital, they can fill in the form.

The survey is also being conducted simultaneously at North Estonia Medical Centre, Tartu University Hospital, West Tallinn Central Hospital, Ida-Viru Central Hospital, Pärnu Hospital and Viljandi Hospital.

Your input is very important! This helps us improve our hospital services and meet the expectations of our patients.

For additional questions, please send an e-mail to: kvaliteet [at]