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Partnership between Tallinn University of Technology and East Tallinn Central Hospital takes medical service quality to new highs

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On 20 June 2022, Professor Tiit Land as the Rector of Tallinn University of Technology and Tarmo Bakler as the Chairman of the Board of East Tallinn Central Hospital signed a framework agreement for cooperation for mutual support in education, research and development and the promotion of science and entrepreneurship.

According to Rector Tiit Land of Tallinn University of Technology, cooperation with East Tallinn Central Hospital has become more versatile and extensive with each passing year, creating value for both partners as well as society on the whole. “We feel that it is important to contribute to people’s health. In cooperation with the hospital we can take medicine to a new level with the help of innovative technology and the latest research.”

Chairman of the Board of East Tallinn Central Hospital Tarmo Bekler is very appreciative of their partnership with the university.“Our doctors and specialists are interested in joint research projects and the hospital will support innovative activities any way it can.”  

Tallinn University of Technology will contribute to the partnership through its School of Information Technologies, School of Science and School of Business and Governance. Cooperation areas range from post-surgery patient monitoring and rehabilitation to data collection and processing using machine learning and AI. It also involves the use of virtual reality in rehabilitation and education as well as the improvement of information systems and organisation of training and further training. The transformation of information systems to systems that support treatment decisions is one of the most important areas. A joint activity agreement will be entered into for each specific area.

East Tallinn Central Hospital General Surgeon and Chief Physician Airi Tark believes this partnership between the hospital and the university to be mutually beneficial.“On the one hand, this provides scientists with an opportunity to put innovative solutions into clinical practice, and on the other hand, it’s a great opportunity for the hospital to provide the university with master data to come up with technological solutions that are either missing or need updating” Mart Min, a scientist working at Tallinn University of Technology Thomas Johann Seebeck Department of Electronics on current and future cooperation says,“I truly hope that we can take some of the more challenging steps that gain traction outside Estonia. Doctors and engineers – together, we’ll create health and joy in life.”

Cooperation between the university and hospital is based on at least two of the focus areas specified in the Estonian Research and Development, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Strategy, namely on the use of digital solutions and development of health technology and services.

Contractual partnership between the two institutions dates back to 2018. For example, the two worked with an Italian partner to furnish the virtual reality rehabilitation office, used 3D printing to prepare for spinal surgery, explored the real-time measurement of the aortic central blood pressure curve with ELIKO Competence Centre in Electronics, Info and Communication Technologies and created a smart scoliosis treatment corset with help from the Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Estonia Hub AIRE. Cooperation also extends to education.

East Tallinn Central Hospital is one of the largest hospitals in Tallinn providing state-of-the art health care comprising seven clinics: the Diagnostic Clinic, the Clinic of Internal Medicine, the Eye Clinic, the Women's Clinic, the Surgery Clinic, the Clinic of Medical Rehabilitation and the Nursing Clinic.

Tallinn University of Technology is dedicated to science and puts scientific achievements into use in training as well as entrepreneurship partnerships. They are actively partnered with various organisations, scientists and top tier universities across the globe. The university has also entered into cooperation agreements with North Estonia Medical Centre, Pärnu Haigla and Ida-Viru Central Hospital.