Autumn conference of East Tallinn Central Hospital focused on elderly patients


This year, the traditional autumn conference of East Tallinn Central Hospital celebrated its 20th anniversary and was dedicated to elderly patients. The anniversary conference ’Elderly Patient’ had the largest number of attendants with more than 800 people in the room and online. There were participants from East Tallinn Central Hospital as well as other hospitals, health centres, pharmacies, laboratories and the health insurance fund.

ITK sügiskonverents 2022 "Eakas patsient"

4 November marked 20 years since East Tallinn Central Hospital started its conferences, the first of which took place in the hall of the National Library of Estonia. “Back then we had 264 people in the room, today we are holding a hybrid conference with more than 800 people,” said Dr Ene Mäeots, the chief organiser of the conference this year, adding that while the previous conference was about paediatric patents in East Tallinn Central Hospital, this year’s conference was dedicated to elderly patients since East Tallinn Central Hospital provides care for patients of all ages.

“Even though we know that there is no such thing as old age, only life experience, as doctors we still have to take into account that with life experience come natural changes in the human body. Over the course of the long conference day, we will be giving a brief overview of the issues we have to consider,” said Dr Ene Mäeots, chief organiser of the conference ‘Elderly Patient’.

The conference included 13 presentations covering everything from anaemia, eye disease, lumbar surgery, heard disease, oncology, dementia, nursery, hospice, and ending with a panel discussion of cardiologists.