Appointments and information:
Appointments and information:

Gynaecology and Day Care Department

The gynaecologists working in the Gynaecology and Day Care Department of the Women's Clinic are all top specialists in their field. We operate on daily basis both laparoscopically and with an open approach as well. We have three operating rooms.

Thanks to long-term experience, high-tech equipment and the trust of our patients, we have achieved outstanding treatment results today.

Activities of the Gynaecology and Day Care Department:

  • gynaecologic oncology surgeries

  • breast surgery in the case of benign or malignant tumours, with immediate breast reconstruction if necessary

  • surgery correcting pelvic floor dysfunction with patient's own tissues or with a mesh

  • fallopian tube and ovary surgery

  • surgical removal of uterus

  • correction of uterine scar niche after caesarean section

  • removal of myoma nodes

  • laparoscopic surgery

  • plastic surgery on external genitalia

  • surgery on external genitals in the case of benign diseases

  • hysteroscopic surgery

  • laparoscopic examination of small pelvic organs in the case of infertility

  • laparoscopic sterilisation by removal or dissection of fallopian tubes

  • surgery for urinary incontinence (stress incontinence)


Gynaecology and Day Care Department

  • Head of Department Ele Tammemäe, tel. 5362 7551, ele.tammemae [at] ()

  • Gynaecologic Oncologist Reeli Saaron, tel. 5380 7665, reeli.saaron [at] ()

  • Head of Nursing Hälis Telling, tel. 620 7166, halis.telling [at] ()

  • Secretary Maarja Raudsepp, tel. 620 7497, maarja.raudsepp [at] ()

  • Secretary Merle Ruuma, tel. 5887 0833, merle.ruuma [at] ()