Midwife appointment at the breast centre

Women and men of all ages who want to check their breasts or who have questions or complaints related to their breasts are welcome to see a midwife at the breast centre. You can also get help and instructions for independent breast examination.

At the appointment, the midwife undertakes the following:

  • Gives advice
  • Collects and specifies information on complaints, general health and family medical history
  • Performs a breast examination
  • Teaches you how to examine your breasts yourself
  • If necessary, refers you to examinations or schedule additional analyses
  • Independently draws up a treatment and follow-up plan or, if necessary, refers the patient to a mammologist for further consultation

A referral is not needed to see the midwife at the breast centre. The appointment is free of charge for patients with health insurance.

You can book an appointment:

  • On the Health Portal
  • By calling +372 666 1900 Mon to Fri 07:15-18:00
  • At the hospital reception desk

In the case of an urgent problem, please contact us by email at rind [at] (rind[at]itk[dot]ee)


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