During arthroplasty (joint replacement surgery), the mutilated articular surfaces are removed and replaced with artificial joint (endoprosthesis).

Important! Since January 2023, the new standard of hip and knee endoprosthesis applies. According to the new standard, the family doctors exclusively refer patients to an e-consultation of an orthopaedic specialist, in order to assess the need for arthroplasty.

In order to better understand how patients recover after the treatment and what can be done to improve their quality of life, their life quality and health outcomes are monitored before and after arthroplasty. For this, the patient has to fill in a questionnaire before the surgery, and a year after the surgery. If necessary, the doctor/nurse helps in filling in the questionnaire.

During the entire patient journey of arthroplasty (since signing up for the procedure to up to one year after surgery), the primary contact person for the patient is the orthopaedic nurse. The phone number of the East Tallinn Central Hospital’s endoprosthesis nurse is +372 5261 177 (Mon– Fri 8:00 AM– 4:00 PM).

The majority of the surgeries consist of hip and knee joint endoprosthesis, but we also perform shoulder, elbow, finger and ankle joint replacement surgeries. In addition, we have specialised in complex repeat surgeries for already prosthetic joints. In some cases, it is possible to partially remove the articular surface and place a partial artificial joint. The endoprosthesis we use have excellent endurance indicators according to international registries.

Monitoring and checking postoperative patients takes place at the outpatient clinic.

The need for an endoprosthesis is decided by an orthopaedic specialist.

Please note! If you are not able to come to the surgery on the set date, please inform us about this by calling our secretary at +372 620 7113.