Surgical treatment of urogenital cancers

We provide surgical treatment for cancers of the kidney, adrenal gland, prostate, bladder and the genitals.

All treatment cases involving patients with a primary diagnosis of malignant tumours of the uro-oncological area and complex multiple therapies are discussed at the uro-oncological council. In addition to urologists, the council also includes chemo- and radiotherapy doctors, radiologists, and pathologists. We enjoy long-term and successful cooperation with the Centre of Oncology at East Tallinn Central Hospital and the Department of Radiotherapy at North Estonia Medical Centre.

Open and mini-invasive surgical methods are used for the treatment of uro-oncologic patients.

Open and 3D laparoscopic surgery is used for the treatment of kidney tumours.

For kidney cancers, the first-choice treatment is laparoscopic surgery. Generally, in the case of smaller kidney tumours, the kidney can be spared and only the tumour removed – this method is called partial kidney resection or partial nephrectomy. In the case of larger tumours, when removing only the tumour does not ensure sufficient oncologic safety, the kidney is removed completely.