Appointments and information:
Appointments and information:

Physiotherapy in a pool

Physiotherapy in a pool builds muscles, stimulates the respiratory organs and regulates cardiac activity. Water aerobics stimulates circulation and normalises blood pressure.

Additionally, water massage relaxes and relieves stress. Regular water aerobics helps to maintain and improve endurance, balance and the coordination of movements.

Physiotherapy in a pool is a suitable activity even in the case of people for whom ordinary exercises might be difficult – people with joint problems, paralysis, weight issues, etc. In the case of limited joint mobility, water aerobics helps to improve mobility effectively and with less pain. In water, you will feel lighter and performing exercises will be easier. Water aerobics does not overly encumber the joints or the spinal column and muscles are not left painful after exercising in water.

For relaxation after the pool, there’s a sauna, a steam room and a massage mini-pool.    

We ask you to bring your own swimwear, hygienic products, hand towel and shoes with anti-slip soles.

Duration: 30 minutes

With a referral from a rehabilitation physician of ITK, the service is free. Without a referral, the service is paid.