Appointments and information:
Appointments and information:

Cancer treatment at Kuressaare Hospital

Kuressaare Hospital has opened cancer treatment appointments, which are conducted by the oncologists of East Tallinn Central Hospital.

  • oncologist appointment/consultation;

  • chemotherapy.

In Kuressaare, we offer systemic cancer treatment. Systemic treatment includes chemotherapy or cytostatic therapyhormone therapytargeted therapy and immunotherapy.

Patients with all kinds of tumours can make an appointment with our oncologists. At the appointment, it can be figured out if and what treatment procedures can be performed in Kuressaare.

What should I do if I have been diagnosed with cancer and want to start treatment in Kuressaare?

A family doctor or a doctor who has diagnosed the cancer refers the patient to an oncologist appointment at Kuressaare Hospital.

What should I do if I have received cancer treatment at East Tallinn Central Hospital, but want to receive it in Kuressaare in the future?

Talk to your treating doctor. If your doctor thinks that the treatment can be done in Kuressaare, the time for treatment at Kuressaare Hospital will then be arranged.

What should I do if I have been receiving treatment in another Estonian hospital, such as the North Estonia Medical Centre Foundation? Is there any hope to continue my treatment in Kuressaare?

You should discuss with your treating doctor whether the treatment can be done in Kuressaare and ask the treating doctor to refer you to an oncologist appointment in Kuressaare.

Who decides whether the treatment can be transferred to Kuressaare?

The possibility of doing chemotherapy in Kuressaare depends on the nature of the disease and its treatment. It can only be decided by an oncologist.

Where to call for more information?

You can contact either the Kuressaare Hospital reception or send an email: kuressaare.onkoloogia [at] Registration for appointment at Kuressaare Hospital via phone 4520115.