The causes of urinary incontinence may vary and should be consulted with a doctor


Unfortunately, women are affected by urinary incontinence twice as often as men. Incontinence disrupts the quality of life and sometimes, women even give up practising sports and going out of the house.

NK ämmaemandad - vasakult - Marika Nõmmemees, Triin Rootalu, Hedi Pajuste

“Urinary incontinence can also occur as a side effect of some medications, and some chronic diseases contribute to its development as well,” said Hedi Pajuste, midwife at the Women’s Clinic of East Tallinn Central Hospital.

According to Hedi Pajuste, before starting treatment, an accurate diagnosis is very important. “Thinking about women, the choice of treatment for incontinence depends on the type of incontinence, the age of the patient, her desire to give birth, any underlying diseases, and the medications she uses.”

“The treatment is different for different types of incontinence. Some patients can be helped with surgery, some with a pill treatment, and some need both. If the cause of incontinence has been ascertained, then in most cases there will be a solution that helps alleviate the issue,” the midwife said.

Pelvic floor exercises benefit everyone

“Unfortunately, women are affected by urinary incontinence twice as often as men. This is why the issue is often one for midwives to deal with, because women really do want to get help,” Pajuste continued.

“The advice we give pregnant women – pelvic floor exercises are good for everyone – applies in case of urinary incontinence as well. Our midwives also help find out which specific incontinence issue the case is, advise on self-help options and refer the patient to a specialist doctor for treatment,” she said.

At the Women’s Clinic of East Tallinn Central Hospital, the experienced midwives Maarika Nõmmemees, Hedi Pajuste and Triin Rootalu have completed counselling training on urinary incontinence. Starting from May, appointments can be made at East Tallinn Central Hospital under the option “visit to a midwife (incontinence)”.

Appointments can be made by calling 666 1900 or on the website The Women’s Clinic of East Tallinn Central Hospital offers women trustworthy and professional help in taking care of their health. The clinic welcomes patients for counselling and regular checkups, and in case of various gynaecological issues.