Appointments and information:
Appointments and information:
Appointments and information:

About the hospital

We are dedicated to helping our patients live happy and healthy lives. As a modern hospital, we rely on the world's latest technology and practices.

Our medical fields are divided between seven individual clinics: the Diagnostic Clinic, the Clinic of Internal Medicine, the Eye Clinic, the Women's Clinic, the Surgery Clinic, the Clinic of Medical Rehabilitation and the Long-term Nursing Clinic. The clinics include centres and departments with a narrower focus on specialties. Medical operations are supported by the administration and services of the hospital.

The hospital's vision

We want to be the hospital in Tallinn that provides top-level healthcare services and is the go-to choice for patients, partners and employees.


We are a people-centric, innovative hospital that offers the best treatment to each patient and has a positive impact on the health of the Estonian population. Our activities contribute to a sense of social security in the society.

Our mission is supported by:

  • the professionalism of our staff;
  • modern evidence-based health services;
  • well-established traditions and cooperation networks; and
  • an openness and willingness to initiate change.

Core values:

  • patients' needs are always a priority
  • integrity, empathy and cooperation ensure the sense of security that people and the society expect from a hospital
  • we want our employees to feel proud of their hospital