Appointments and information:
Appointments and information:

Medical abortion

Medical abortion refers to removing the embryo or the foetus from the uterine cavity by administering appropriate medicinal products.

The pregnancy shall be terminated based on a written application at the woman’s own request. Pregnancy can be terminated if it has lasted for less than 12 weeks. Doctor’s appointment, during which all the necessary examinations and analyses are performed, is required beforehand. The gynaecologist shall advise on choosing the appropriate method for terminating the pregnancy. The gynaecologist shall explain the process as well as the possible complications and the time of the abortion shall be decided upon. On an outpatient basis, pregnancies of up to 9 weeks shall be terminated by using medicinal products. Pregnancies that have lasted longer than 9 weeks shall be referred to the hospital to be terminated with medicinal products. The patient shall also be referred to the hospital for a surgical abortion.

Application for a medically induced termination of pregnancy