Appointments and information:
Appointments and information:

Appointment with a midwife by a woman planning infertility treatment

For women who have an infertility diagnosis by an infertility doctor and who wish to start with infertility treatment are referred to the appointment of a midwife to determine and take tests.

A midwife who has been trained in infertility treatment:

  • introduces the analyses necessary for infertility treatment,
  • carries out gynaecological analyses,
  • determines blood tests,
  • if necessary, issues a referral letter for the male to undergo infertility testing, seminogram.

You do not need a referral letter for the appointment of a midwife. Appointments and tests are free for patients with health insurance. If you do not have health insurance, we offer paid counselling and analyses.


Appointments can be booked:

  • ITK patient portal iPatsient 
  • the national digital register 
  • by phone 666 1900 Mon-Fri 7:15-18:00
  • at the reception


Merily Kalm portree
Merily Kalm
Women's Clinic, Centre for Infertility Treatment
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Darja Valge
Women's Clinic, Centre for Infertility Treatment