Appointments and information:
Appointments and information:

Freezing and preservation of sperm cells for 6 months (from the day of freezing)

Freezing and preservation of gametes – possible to perform before treatment in case of medical indications which may damage fertility (e.g. the treatment of a malignant tumour) or in case the patient wishes to postpone pregnancy to a later stage of life. Radiation and chemotherapy are extremely dangerous for egg cells and may cause permanent infertility. Freezing eggs helps young women to give birth to their own children in the future. Pregnancy is not guaranteed – the likelihood depends on the number and quality of egg cells.

Sperm cell freezing is also used, in addition to medical indications (before the treatment of malignant tumours or severe autoimmune disease), in cases the man does not have the possibility to be present in time for the artificial insemination of the woman (e.g. related to work commitments – sailors, long distance drivers, etc.) or if there is a risk of fertility decrease (dangerous work, military operations, etc.). The man will give the seminal fluid by himself at our centre, in a private room provided for that purpose.

Freezing sperm cells does not affect the effectiveness of artificial insemination and it does not call forth a rise in the frequency of developmental malformation.