Appointments and information:
Appointments and information:

Breast health office (mammologist)

Women who want to check their breasts or who have complaints related to their breasts can make an appointment at the breast health office. The breast examination is performed by experienced gynaecologists and midwives. The breast office also provides help and instructions for independent breast examination. Women should certainly make an appointment when they feel lumps, knots, bumps or other changes in their breasts. If necessary, the patient will be referred for further investigations. For breast problems requiring urgent intervention, mammography can be performed on the same day as the appointment.

A referral is not necessary to make an appointment with a gynaecologist or a midwife at the breast health office.

It is essential that you come for an examination if you notice:

  • a painless 'lump', thickened tissue in the breast or under the arm;

  • changes in the shape, size or skin colour of the breast;

  • discharge from nipples;

  • retraction of the nipple or skin;

  • pain or discomfort in one breast;

  • redness of the breast, orange peel skin, ulcers; or

  • enlarged lymph nodes under the arm.

How to check your breasts?

Look at your breasts in the mirror first with your hands next to your body and then with your hands behind your head:

  • are your breasts regular in size and shape?

  • is the skin smooth and uniform, with a normal colour?

  • do the nipples seem normal and move up as you raise your hand?

It is easiest to feel your breasts when bathing when the skin is soapy. This makes any unevenness and potential lumps easy to detect under slippery fingers.

  • Use the straightened fingers of your right hand to examine your left breast, pressing it softly.

  • Start with the nipple, moving outwards with light circular motions.

  • Use the same method to feel the entire breast and the area under the arm.

  • Then do the same to the right breast using your left hand.

Appointments can be booked by calling customer service on 666 1900, at the reception on site, through i-Patient, through rind [at] () or through national digital registry Patient Portal.

PLEASE NOTE: Men can also come for an appointment at the breast health office because they can also have problems with their breasts.

Breast health offices are located in the Magdaleena unit, on Pärnu mnt 104.


  • Breast Health Office Secretary Külli Paiste, tel. 5883 5970


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Anu Suurpalu
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Gabor Szirko
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