Appointments and information:
Appointments and information:

Vascular surgeon’s appointment

Vascular surgery deals with both the diagnostics and treatment of artery and vein diseases.

In vascular surgery, we diagnose and treat both magistral arteries as well as superficial venous system diseases. In the treatment of patients with abdominal aorta, lower and upper limb artery and carotid artery pathologies, we use sustainable surgical and vascular methods (extension, stenting, etc.) or a combination of both.

In the diagnostics of patients with venous and arterial diseases, we have the opportunity to use several instrumental tests, which makes us equal to other European vascular surgery centres. The use of different test methods allows us to choose the best solution for the patient.

Since vascular surgery patients often have comorbidities, then we treat them multimodally together with specialists from other fields at East Tallinn Central Hospital and other Estonian hospitals. The aim is to provide patients with a clear action plan – what can they do by themselves and what are we able to offer. Dr Veronika Palmiste-Kallion

In case of emergencies (pain at rest, incipient gangrene) please contact the Centre of Emergency Medical Care, where a vascular surgeon is also on call.


Argo Aru
Argo Aru
Vascular surgeon
Surgery Clinic, Centre of General and Oncological Surgery